Infant/Child Eye Examinations

//Infant/Child Eye Examinations
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Vision is one of the most precious senses for a new baby. More is learnt about the world through sight than through all other senses combined. At birth, a baby’s eyes are generally examined for signs of major defects.

Infant Examinations

The first eye examination can be at 6 months. The goal of this examination is to detect any eye health or visual problem that would affect the normal development of the visual system. The best time for the 6 month eye test is when the baby is relaxed and calm. After feeding is probably ideal.

Child Examinations

It is recommended that a child has a full eye examination before they start school. How easily a child can see their long distance and close vision school work can influence how well they learn through their visual system. At this examination, emphasis is on testing visual efficiency skills and visual analysis skills so that poor vision is not a stumbling block to first of all “learning to read” and later “reading to learn”.

Appointments first thing in the morning are preferred for school age children so that their performance in the eye test is not reduced because they are tired after a full day at school.

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